Floresien Coffee

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About Us

Floresien Coffee is a producer of single-origin coffee in East Nusa Tenggara

We are located in Bajawa, in the district of Ngada, East Nusa Tenggara, where our coffee plantations grow on fertile andosols, ideal for organic production (1200 - 1600 masl).

We are committed to providing you with high-quality coffee, while assurring the sustainability of supply and improving the livelihoods of people who involved in our coffee production.

We also explore the best source of coffee at origin and conduct experiment to find the best process to produce remarkable coffee.

Our Vision

To be a socio-environmentally conscious producer of high-quality coffee in Flores

Our Missions

Fostering sustainable coffee farming and post-harvest practice

Creating integrated upstream coffee processing facility

Establishing solid collaboration with stakeholders

Our Values


Traceable Quality

We impose strict standard on pre- and post-harvest practices and record comprehensive data on our coffee, including the location of the plantation, soil condition, altitude, variety, etc. We provide technical assistance for our farmers in the form of plant rejuvenation, allowing us to trace our coffee quality from start to end.

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We believe in a long-term win-win partnership among stakeholders across our supply chain. To achieve sustainability in products and the people involved in it, we nurture smallholder farmers, providing them with technical assistance to produce high-quality raw materials and increase long-run productivity. Our efforts consider environmental aspect which involve rejuvenation and restoration of the coffee trees to maintain healthy ecosystem.

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Farmer Empowerment

Coffee farmers in Flores suffer from low income due to low production and poor coffee quality. We aim to empower them through knowledge sharing, quality-based premium pricing, saving program, and other social development activities to encourage farmers in taking ownership over their work to achieve better livelihood

Our Process

It is the small details that will make a big difference


Dry-hull process involves the removal of the flesh from red cherry, soaking it, and fermenting for a pre-determined period. The coffee is then pushed through a series of channels to essentially 'scrub' away any remaining mucilage. After the 'washing' is complete, the coffee is laid out, to be dried to around 12-13% moisture content. Once dry, the coffee is sent to the dry mill to have the outer layer removed

Notes: Floral, nutty, citrus, honey, dark chocolate


Honey process involves the removal of the flesh from red cherry, but forgoes the subsequent washing. The variations are associated with the amount of flesh left clinging to the seed and are identified by color indicator. The spectrum starts at 'white honey' (a very small amount of flesh left on) all the way to 'black honey' (lots of flesh left on). 'Yellow honey' and 'red honey' represent the levels in between white and black. The coffee is dried until reaching 12% moisture content

Notes: Juicy, dried fruit, floral, sweet


Wet-hull process is quite similar with dry-hull. After the fermentation process, coffee is dried until the parchment reach 27-30% moisture content. After that, the coffee is sent to the mill to take out the outer layer (parchment). After the parchment removed, it is dried again until reaching 12% moisture content.

Notes: Floral, nutty, citrus medium body


Natural process involves simply laying the whole ripe red cherries out on patios and allowing them to be dried by the sun. Depending on the weather, this process can take from 1-4 weeks for the coffee to fully dry. Once dry, the flesh is removed and the coffee is sent to the dry mill for further sorting

Notes: Sweet brown sugar, tropical fruit, bright acidity

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